Valerie Davide is a unique talent, to draw with such freedom and unbridled expression is a true gift, throw in a big dollop of eccentricity and you’ve got the makings of a genius.

It is said that a fine line exists between greatness and madness and Val treads it very daintily, few people see life through a fish eye lens but she does. Val doesn’t see a snout or a rounded bottom she sees a great flaring abyss and a behind of Rubenesque proportions. Splendid stuff.

After a successful career as a Counsellor for people with drug and alcohol problems Valerie turned her attentions to drawing. It wasn’t long before she became the star pupil at the life classes in St Ives with other students all jostling to sit behind her in order to watch her work.

Over the course of her working life she had often introduced art therapy into her sessions to a mutually fulfilling response but retirement offered up more free time in which to indulge herself.

Life drawing and painting offers up plenty of scope to indulge an artist with an outlook as off the wall as Val. She is drawn to the absurd and can abstract the simplest of subjects whilst still enabling the viewer to see exactly what she’s trying to do. Big rounded buttocks proudly displayed under pendulous breasts with saucer like nipples, never crude, always thought provoking. It’s brilliant stuff.

As humans we all have funny bits, pert bits, droopy bits, bits we’re proud of, bits we’re not but to Val they’re all interesting appendages worth documenting. Hence this web site is dedicated to her nudes all of which are completed in real time during life classes, spontaneous and never over worked.

Although already well respected and collected for her wacky animal studies, Val enjoys drawing nudes and this site is an homage to that genre.

Sharon Davidson of Davidson Fine Art Gallery, Totnes